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How to understand the many differences between health covers in Belgium?

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Belgian is a very gifted country regarding health quality and healthcare system. Health covers are managed by mutualities.

Your company

Should your company provide you with a hospitalization assurance, this would cover the costs for a stay in hospital, and the medical costs linked to the hospitalization (s.a. sessions with a physiotherapist). This cover is crucial if you intend to give birth in Belgium: most of the insurances have a 10 month waiting period before you can get reimbursed.

Once you are employed in Belgium, you can benefit  from  the social security healthcare system. To do so, you must join a health insurance fund:  mutualité (in French) or ziekenfonds (in Dutch).

Your health insurance fund ( mutualité / ziekenfonds)

 The contributions deducted from your salary (and those paid by your employer) give you rights to the compulsory insurance. The cover is the same in every mutualité/ziekenfonds, as we act as an intermediary between the INAMI (National Institute for Sickness and Invalidity Insurance) and its members. Thanks to this system, you get :

•healthcare reimbursements (hospital, doctor, pharmacist...)

•indemnities in case of incapacity for working (accident, long-term illness, childbirth)

It is now compulsory to pay for a complementary insurance organized by the fund you choose. Contributions and cover change from fund to fund: here is a nice tip for choosing your fund. The complementary insurance covers health risks excluded by the INAMI in the compulsory insurance (s.a. homeopathy, sports, optical care, etc.).

Finally, the mutualité you chose may also offer you a hospitalization insurance and dental insurance, as the compulsory insurance does not cover 100% of the health costs you may have.

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…on the Belgian Health system, visit our website and contact us!

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P.S. a specific health insurance is provided for the European Union workers. Ask us for more information on

How to get refund for a health care in Belgium? (Sponsored by Partena B&E)

In Belgium, you are not automatically registered with Social Security : you have to choose a mutualité (in French) or ziekenfonds (in Dutch)(health insurance funds) to benefit from health care services. According to the care, you will then have different ways to get a refund.

At the doctor's, dentist or specialist’s: in order to be reimbursed for a part of the consultation fee, the doctor will give you a medical attestation. Stick an identification sticker on it and give it to your mutualité. The stickers are provided by the mutualité. In Belgium, the choice of doctor is totally free.

At the chemist's, in a hospital, in a laboratory (for blood tests, etc.): in order not to pay the full price, show your SIS card. You will receive it within 3 to 6 months from your registration. (In the meantime, your will receive a SIS Card certificate.) Whenever there is a change in your situation (birth, change of address, etc.), you should update it in your mutualité.

For a health care covered by your mutualité complementary insurance ( s.a. homeopathy, osteopathy care). For a medicine, you will generally have to deliver a ticket received from the chemist. For a consultation or cost (s.a. sport subscription), you will generally have to deliver a filled in form, originally delivered by the mutualité.

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…on the Belgian Health system, visit our website and contact us!

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PS. To receive indemnities in case of incapacity for work (accident, long-term illness, childbirth), the process will be a quite longer. Ask us for more information on

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