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If you cannot work for a long period (pregnancy or illness), advise your employer the same day. Then contact your mutualité mutuality who will advise you of administrative procedures.




If you are an employee, blue-collar worker or a job-seeker with unemployment benefit (and you are covered by Belgian Social Security) your maternity leave is 15 weeks or 19 weeks in case of a multiple birth).

What do you need to do ?

When you stop working, you must send us a medical certificate mentioning the expected date of the birth and the starting date of your maternity leave. We will confirm when your maternity leave will start, bearing in mind the period of pre-natal leave that you have taken and the actual date of the birth.

We will calculate the amount of your maternity indemnities based on the information provided by your employer or your unemployment benefit office. After the birth, send us the original birth certificate issued by your commune administration for the maternity leave.



Your maternity leave is 8 weeks.

What do you need to do ?

Ask us for the document to request the maternity indemnity for self-employed. Fill it in and send it back to us along with the original birth certificate issued by your commune administration for the maternity leave.


Paternity leave : 10 days (to be taken within 4 months after the birth).

The 10 days of leave must correspond to the usual days worked
The 3 first days are paid 100% by the employer
The 7 following days are paid for by the social security for an amount of 82% of your gross monthly remuneration (capped amount).

You must prove your relationship to the child by producing the extract of the birth certificate issued by your communal administration.

What do you need to do ?

Go to your commune to get the extract of the birth certificate and send it to your Partenamut office, specifying that you are taking paternity leave. We will send you the necessary documents to calculate the indemnities.


You adopt a child? Then you need some time to get to know each other! Adoptive parents (both the father and the mother) who work in the private sector are entitled to an adoption leave. 

A condition is that your child is registered into the Belgian population registry and is officially part of your familiy. 

If you are a public sector employee, there is a specific regulation. Find out about it from your human resources department or your trade union.


How to request adoption leave?


Send your application for adoption leave to your employer (by registered letter) stating the start and end dates of your adoption leave. This needs to be done at least one month before the start of your adoption leave. Also, give your employer proof of adoption at the latest at the start of your adoption leave.

During your adoption leave you will receive an allowance from your health insurance organisation. To obtain your allowance, simply send Euromut a written application and attach proof of your child’s registration into the Belgian population registry.

We will then send you an allowance information sheet which must be completed by you and your employer. 




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