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Did you know that one family out of three faces a hospitalisation each year? An illness, an accident, an operation, a birth... we are all concerned.

How does it work ?

Every medical treatment/consultation is represented by a code (INAMI/RIZIV code). These codes represent the official price of the treatment/consultation and the official price that national health insurance providers have to reimburse. Although in Belgium the health insurance organisations reimburse most of the costs based on the codes of the care provided, a considerable amount remains at the charge of the patient due to extra costs. These vary from one hospital to another, from one doctor to another, and even – within one hospital – from one stay to another.

Apart from the basic insurance that is already very broad, you can opt for complementary modules depending on your needs, and as such increase your coverage should you have to be hospitalised. That's why we can recommend Hospitalia, an hospitalisation insurance.

Why Hospitalia ?

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