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These are the documents needed in order to be reimbursed for healthcare costs. They will be provided by your administration or health insurance fund (mutualité/ziekenfonds).

Belgian e-ID card or ISI+ card

Make use of your Belgian e-ID card at pharmacies and hospitals in order to pay only the personal remainder fee. Those who are not holder of a Belgian e-ID carde are entitled to an ISI+card which fulfills the same purpose.

The identification sticker (known as "vignette" or "kleefbriefje")

Once your insurance file has been activated, you will receive them by post per registered family member.
They are indispensable to identify the documents you send us. In addition, other healthcare providers (hospitals, gynaecologists) will also ask for some when lab tests are needed. You can order them on your on-line account. 

Medical attestation

When visiting a general practitioner or specialist you will be asked to pay the full amount and claim reimbursement afterwards.
You will receive a medical attestation from the medical care provider.
Attach an identification sticker on top of the medical attestation.
Note that we must receive the original and advice you to keep a copy for yourself.
You have 2 years the time to send in your claims.

In Belgium, you pay 100 % to the medical practitioner and the mutuelle reimburse you afterwards.

Medical attestations

Pharmacy receipt

If you did not make use of your e-ID card or ISI+ card at the pharmacy and had to pay the full amount of the reimbursable medication, request the ANNEXE 30.
Attach an identification sticker on top of the annexe 30 and submit to us the original for reimbursement. 
No other document but the annese 30 will be accepted.

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