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You live in Belgium and work in Luxemburg

You have to register with the Caisse Nationale de Santé (National Health Insurance Fund) in Luxemburg for your family to be covered for healthcare reimbursements and indemnities in case of incapacity to work.

Contact adress :

Caisse Nationale de Santé
125, route d'Esch
L-2980 Luxembourg
Tél. : +325 27 57-1
Fax : +352 27 57-2758
website :


You live in Luxemburg and work in Belgium

You must register with a mutuelle in Belgium for you and your family to be covered for health care reimbursements care (visits to the doctor, medicines bought in pharmacies, hospital care) and indemnities in case of incapacity for work.

Upon receipt of the record, we provide an S1 form (formerly the E106) to give to your Caisse Nationale de Santé.

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Documents to get together before we meet

Other documents needed will be given to you for signature when we will meet.

Through these formalities, you will be covered by Social Security of the two countries:

where you live and where you work.

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