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  1. New in the Partenamut mobile app: rapid paperless reimbursements!
  2. Cost of visiting the dentist has gone up: measure postponed until 1 July 2016
  3. In Belgium, 1 out of 10 people drink too much

1/ New in the Partenamut mobile app: rapid paperless reimbursements!

New technologies can make our lives a lot easier. With this in mind, Partenamut is offering a new tool in its mobile app. Photograph or scan your completed treatment documents and send them directly to us electronically to receive your reimbursement. You no longer need to send them to us in paper format! This helps to speed up the reimbursement process and avoids having to send them by post or paying us an avoidable visit.
Attention: this system is only valid for Partenamut Advantages (camps, sport, contraception, alternative therapies, optics, etc.)
Download the Partenamut mobile app now from the App Store or Google Play.
The app also allows you to manage your health insurance file online since it also gives you direct access to your My Partenamut. There, you will be able to find our agency closest to where you live, order identification stickers, view and calculate your reimbursements, find useful contact numbers and your virtual PartenAir card which entitles you to numerous discounts with our partners.
Don’t have a smartphone? You can also access all of these services from your PC or tablet via your online tool My Partenamut!

2/ Cost of visiting the dentist has gone up: measure postponed until 1 July 2016

Did you visit your dentist for a check-up in 2015? Since 1 January 2016, you would have had to pay a lower patient contribution than patients who did not visit their dentist in 2015. The date of entry into force of the measure has just been postponed until 1 July 2016. From this date, persons who visited their dentist in 2015 will have to pay a lower personal share than those who did not. It is an on-going measure, meaning that patients who visit their dentist for a check-up in 2016 will have to pay a lower personal share in 2017. In short, by visiting your dentist every year, you protect your dental health and save money.
These measures are valid for persons who are not eligible to claim the raised reimbursement tariff (former preferential scheme). For beneficiaries of the raised reimbursement tariff, these measures related to dental care will only come into force on 1 January 2017!
If you registered for Dentalia Plus, you will need to make an annual visit to your dentist in order to benefit from optimal reimbursements! This specific dental insurance will reimburse you up to €1,025 per year per person for preventive and curative treatments as well as orthodontic treatments, periodontology, dentures and implants. You will receive higher reimbursements for some of these treatments (80% instead of 50%) if you consulted the dentist during the previous year. Find out about our dental insurance at

3/ In Belgium, 1 out of 10 people drink too much

According to a survey by the Belgian Institute for Public Health, 10% of Belgians drink too much. The World Health Organisation places the threshold for excessive drinking at more than 14 units of alcohol per week for women and more than 21 units for men. These figures are backed up by another survey which shows that we drink alcohol more frequently than the average European.
Some 10% of our fellow citizens even drink every day, as revealed in the European Social Survey, in which KU Leuven University also took part. No fewer than 28,000 people from 15 European countries participated in this survey, 1,769 of whom live in Belgium. 10% of them revealed that they drink alcohol on a daily basis; 24% several times a week and 17% don’t drink at all. During the week, 66% of the respondents living in Belgium consume one drink, with this percentage climbing to 81% at the weekend. This brings us in the top three of the countries that participated in the survey. Only the Dutch drink even more often.


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